Spice Up Your Desk Tech With This Apple A1535 Magic Trackpad 2

There’s a delicate balance between wanting to work from home versus being lazy on the couch while keeping your status on active. If you’re the latter, maybe a cool new gadget will keep your boss off your back (and keep your butt out of the office). For those of us who are looking to spice up the desk tech, this Apple A1535 Magic Trackpad 2 should do the trick. To sweeten the pot, it’s on sale as part of our Apple Day sales event.

Alright y’all, here’s the skinny on the Magic Trackpad 2. Not just a desk mate for casual use, this bad boy is here for all of your work and play, no matter how arduous (we know how you get during those video games). It connects almost instantly to your Mac product, so there’s no more searching for wireless mumbo-jumbo networks when you’re trying to get your grind on. As a more responsive trackpad for your Mac, the four force sensors pick up every detail from your fingers and give you the space to click as you please while still spotting the difference in finger cues.

Speaking of space, this baby gives you a ton. It’s 30% larger than your typical trackpad and has a super low profile making it ultra-comfortable to use. The only place it lacks visibility is the battery port, since it’s totally built in as opposed to being an eyesore like some of your design choices.

When you’re out of juice, simply plug in the trackpad using the included charging cable and keep scrollin’ on (which you shouldn’t have to do very often since the battery life is about a month).

Get the Apple A1535 Magic Trackpad 2, which also includes a charging cable, for $100.99 (reg. $109). By the way, Apple Day is a great way to get these products at an unprecedented price. Act fast, this deal only runs until Oct. 21.

Prices subject to change.