Manamorphosis: The Right Takeaways From the VMAs

The MTV VMAs used to be the awards show to catch if you wanted to see all the most outrageous stuff in music. It’s the awards ceremony where Madonna taught us how to Vogue like Marie Antoinette, Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic got hit in the face with a bass and Kanye West famously interrupted Taylor Swift’s Best Female Video acceptance speech. But the spectacle that was the VMAs is no more. Like everything else millennials have made obsolete, the VMAs are also on the chopping block. The awards show didn’t just suck in theory. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the award ceremony actually had record-low ratings, dipping even lower than last year, which previously held the record for the VMAs’ lowest ratings ever. Yikes!

Manamorphosis U: Up Your Back To School Style

Even though the show itself was lackluster, celebrities came prepared for the red carpet. If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to the VMAs, it’s cutting edge style by some of the edgiest stars in music, film and television. Making it the perfect place to spot the latest fashion trends, including jewel tones, tapered fit dress pants and bold brocade prints.

Alex Rodriguez checks his look while Jennifer Lopez looks on [Getty Images]
Jewel Tones factored into some of the best looks of the evening. G-Easy, A-Rod and Shawn Mendes donned bold hued suits in colors like emerald green, garnet and sapphire. If you’ve got an event coming up, picking a suit bright colors like these is an easy way to show that you’re confident but you’ve still got a playful side. The WULFUL Men’s Slim Fit Blazer is an affordable way to achieve this look and comes in wine, dark red, aquamarine, sapphire blue and purple.

21 Savage on the carpet for the VMAs [Getty Images]
Men’s fashion at the VMAs had an overall sense of formal causality. Pretty much none of the male celebs on the red carpet buttoned their dress shirts or wore a tie. A-Rod, Liam Payne and even Post Malone bared their chest ditching the rigidity of evening wear for a more relaxed feel. Rapper G-Easy took this one step further and didn’t wear a dress shirt at all. Instead, he opted for a sheer mesh t-shirt with big bold polka-dots.

Post Malone holding his VMA [Getty Images]
When it comes to your shirt, don’t overthink it. Buttoned Down Men’s Slim Fit French Cuff Non-Iron Dress Shirt is the perfect option to help you achieve a laid back evening look. You can pull this off by leaving the first few buttons of the shirt undone and adding fun jewelry to showcase your personality like these LED Glowing Cufflinks from CCLIFE.

Shawn Mendes stops for photographers on the VMA red carpet [Getty Images]
The men of the VMAs also complemented their brightly colored suits with boldly printed shirts  Post Malone did a great job of this by matching a garnet colored pinstripe suit with a black and white polka dotted shirt. Power clashing used to be reserved for merely children and old people, but it’s so mainstream that you should try your hand at it. To make a splash like Post Malone, try SSLR’s Men Polka Dot and Rose Button Down Shirt. Leave it unbuttoned and wear it with something basic and clean like a plain black suit. If polkadots aren’t your jam, try a brocade print like 21 Savage wore instead. Something like EgoLanding Men’s Printed Brocade Cotton Dress Shirt is a fun option to pair with a blue or black blazer and jeans.

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And finally, if there’s one item guys need in their closet it’s a slim fit, tapered leg dress pant. If you live in Los Angeles like I do, you could opt for an ankle cut because it’s warm year round. Suxiaoxi’s Mens Fashion Slim Fit Ankle Business Pants are perfectly priced if you’re on a budget and come in black, grey and navy. If you’re a little less casual, you should try A Pagom’s Slim Tapered Flat Front Dress Pants. They come in a variety of colors including black, bordeaux, bright blue and indigo.

So what if the VMAs essentially sucked this year? What it lacked in showmanship it made up for with red carpet looks that are easy to achieve by adding the right pieces to your wardrobe.