NASA Releases Streetwear Fashion Line To Celebrate Its 60th Anniversary

Astronaut After Work. Photo: Zero Creatives (Getty)

If you would have asked me to figure out how NASA would celebrate their organization’s 60th anniversary, I probably wouldn’t have guessed a new streetwear fashion line. Yet, that’s exactly what the National Aeronautics and Space Administration opted to do.

Teaming up with famed fashion designer, Heron Preston, NASA debuted a handful of items from the collection in recent days, which feature a metallic astronaut jacket and high-tech trousers. Many of the items available for sale are made to replicate those worn by astronauts during previous space explorations and include the iconic NASA logo used from 1976 to 1992.

“Preston interprets the iconic uniform in the form of a 3M nylon space jacket, a silver denim logo jacket, and a multi-functional convertible backpack which can also be worn as a fanny pack or tote bag,” the press release read.

The collection is branded with “Fall/Winter 1990” as an homage to “the worm.”

Heron Preston, who has previously worked with Kanye West, first rose to fame in 2016 after taking the fashion world by storm by launching a streetwear clothing line modeled after New York City Department of Sanitation uniforms. So it only made sense for he and NASA to collaborate on the highly popular gear.

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“I was introduced to people at NASA through a scientist friend who is a former NASA employee, which helped move the process along. A little while after the initial introduction, I presented my pitch, which is when I think I actually hooked them and I got permission to use the vintage logo,” Heron told Forbes.

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Shoot #2, on a clear day! These are the visuals that returned to earth for 'Above the Clouds'. We had two GoPro cameras rigged up to the mannequin but due to the extreme temperatures at that altitude one of the batteries over heated on the 1st shoot and we lost some footage. Here with this camera angle on the 2nd day you can see it floating in pure "nothingness". If you haven't seen the short film yet check it out right now on link in bio @nasa

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If you’re hoping to get your hands on some of the NASA gear, you better have some deep pockets, as t-shirts are currently priced at $326, while some of the more popular items like the iconic backpack ring up at a hefty $1,342.  The most expensive item in the collection, the parka pictured above, will set you back nearly $2,000.

And you thought dressing like an astronaut was going to be cheap.