You Can Name A New Species Of Dinosaur As Long As You Have At Least $1.7 Million

Photo: 1971yes (Getty Images)

According to Metroa new species of dinosaur was discovered in 2013 at a site on the Morrison Formation in WyomingThe fossil still has 70% of the original bone, stands over eight feet and dates back 148 to 155 million years. Clearly, this was a fantastic discovery. But guess what? Someone is going to have the honor to name this species whatever the hell they want. Well, as long as they are rich.

The fossil will be going up for auction at Auguttes auction house in Paris this June. And since this a new type of species and scientists didn’t know what species it was upon discovery, Eric Genest of Auguttes believes it will be sold off for a price between €1.2m to €1.8m ($1.7 million to $2.5 million).

Here’s what else Genest had to say:

“This is only an estimate. The price for such a rare item can climb very fast because this is a still unknown dinosaur to which the buyer can give his name. Whoever buys it is likely to be someone who wants to carry out scientific study on it.”

So what this guy is saying is that the person who will buy it will be a John Hammond type?

Or it could be someone like Donald Trump who buys it. Yeah, I actually think that’s more possible.

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So, if you were to somehow win this bid, what would you name this dinosaur?