olloclip x Incase Create Ultimate Solution for Mobile Video and Photography

The advent of smartphones has also been the downfall of photography and video cameras. Why spend money on expensive additional devices that you have to carry around, when your phone is a good enough substitute most of the time? The majority of people don’t – they rely solely on their iPhones to snap family photos, take selfies, and film video shorts of memories and moments they want to capture forever. But what about the rest of the time when ‘good enough’ just isn’t cutting it?

Enter the olloclip Filmer’s Kit – a collaboration between olloclip and Incase, aimed at covering the gap between standard smartphone user’s photography and film needs and those who are seeking a more professional experience, but aren’t interested in carrying around additional expensive equipment.

The Filmer’s Kit is the only all-in-one solution on the market. It includes olloclip’s well-known Core and Active lens sets, which involve simple, slide on and off lenses that attach to your iPhone. Between the two sets, just about any lens type you can think of is covered: fisheye, super-wide, macro, telephoto, and ultra-wide.

The lenses are extremely easy to use, and work on both rear- and front-facing cameras so even your selfies can be turned up a few notches. Speaking of notches, the only real downfall to this Filmer’s Kit, is that it isn’t designed to work with Apple’s newest flagship phone, the iPhone X (do you get the notch reference now?). The kid is designed for camera placement on iPhone’s 7 & 8, as well as the iPhone 7 & 8 Plus models. If you’re currently sporting Apple’s latest and greatest, you’ll have to wait. For owners of the compatible models, this one of, if not the best iPhone accessory kit available today.

In addition to the included lenses, the entire photography and video solution also comes with a ‘Pivot” mobile video grip. The Pivot has a universal clamp to work with just about any mobile device, and allows for unique camera angles, a more stable shot, and so much more. I can’t enough stress how great the Pivot is – and it just feels great in your hands.

Tying the entire package together, is a sharply designed carrying case by Incase – one of the leading manufacturers of mobile accessories for iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and more. They clearly know their stuff, so the containing case is stylish (you won’t hate carrying it with you), convenient, and is well designed to protect your lenses from damage.

At $199.99 the Filmer’s Kit isn’t exactly cheap. But neither is purchasing a separate DLSR, lenses, camcorder, etc. If you’re the type that would get use out of such products, but usually rely on your smartphone for your photo and video needs, then this product is going to get you the most bang for your buck and turn your iPhone into a multimedia powerhouse.

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