The Majority Of Folks Want Child-Free Zones On Planes

Photo: Radis (Getty)

Just last week we told you all about an eight-hour tantrum that a toddler threw on a plane, so it is no surprise to learn that most people would love to board a child-free plane.

According to a survey done by Airfare Watchdog, 52 percent of people say that families with children under 10 should be sat in a separate section of the plane. No word yet if they mean on the outside of the plane.

But this wouldn’t be a new idea as one airline,  Indian firm IndiGo, have announced “child-free zones,” but international airlines have not jumped on this idea quite yet. And that’s basically because airlines are afraid of facing a huge backlash from parents, according to Tracy Stewart of Airfare Watchdog.

Stewart adds:

“It would be great if an American carrier would give it a shot, but I would be surprised if anyone takes it on. It’s probably hard for parents to be super objective for this stuff.

If you’re a parent and you live with that kind of behavior, you’re probably pretty resigned to kicking and screaming. If some stranger calls out your kid for misbehaving on a plane, those situations escalate so quickly.

So what’s the solution? Either get drunk, take some sleeping pills or blast music into your ear drums in order to drown out the sound of screaming children. All those options also help to deal with everyday life.

h/t The LADbible

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