Want To Go On More Dates? Going Gluten-Free Might Do The Trick

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Dating is tough. Sometimes you think you swipe a good match, only to find out she’s got horribly bad breath or never seen Star Wars. I mean, who does that, right?

Or perhaps you just don’t go out on many dates at all. If that’s the case, a new study might have cracked the code when it comes to scoring more dates. And wouldn’t you know it, it has everything to do with what you put in your mouth.

Going Gluten-Free Gets You Way More Love On Dating Sites

Match.com recently put out a survey that garnered over 5,000 responses. In those responses, data revealed that people who are on gluten-free diets are a whopping 217 percent more likely to have gone on a date within the last year. Who would’ve ever thought less gluten would translate to more opportunities to be this handsome guy…

It doesn’t stop at just dating, though. The same survey revealed the gluten-free crowd is 172 less likely to not get laid in the past 24 months. They’re essentially telling you that if you drop the gluten, you’re more likely to get some. Being gluten-free is sexy, I guess? That, or the younger crowd is just much more health-conscious these days. In fact, it’s practically second nature to them.

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This is a truly remarkable discovery. If you knew being gluten-free meant more dates and time in the sack, wouldn’t you have given up pizza and beer by freshman year of college? These are difficult sacrifices to make for any self-respecting guy, but they’re apparently for the greater good.

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