Every Air Jordan Set To Drop In Spring 2018, Ranked

Photo: Edward Berthelot (Getty).

Nike and Air Jordan are set to drop their spring lineup of retro Jordans, bringing another chance for sneakerheads to get their hands — or feet — on some fire footwear of years past. It’s like Christmas for shoe connoisseurs, except it’s not so cold out and your sneakers aren’t going to get wrecked by the snow.

With eight pairs of Jordans just weeks from release, we took the time to rank them from bottom to top, giving you a clear guide for making the decision every sneakerhead has to make: cop or drop?

Ranked! Every Air Jordan Sneaker Coming Spring 2018

Jordans are some of the most popular sneakers out there. From retailers to shoe consignment to straight-up trades, these kicks get passed around on a regular basis. It’s no surprise people are going to be ogling for some or all of this spring collection. Let’s get to it.

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