Hacks Of Life: 4 Ways To Control Your Weight Simply By Eating Slower

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Eating is one of man’s greatest pastimes. Sometimes we end up mowing down a whole pizza or a couple chili cheeseburgers only to find out the euphoria we experience is soon turned into stomach issues and extended trips to the porcelain throne room. Even worse, we end up paying for it in a much more visible way with widening waistlines.

While we enjoy the process of being bottomless garbage disposals, we end up gaining a ton of weight and all of a sudden flights of stairs become our mortal enemies. As it turns out, there are a few simple steps to keeping your weight in check, and they only involve a little self-control that we’re all capable of.

Want To Control Your Weight? Stop Eating So Damn Fast!

A recent Japanese study monitored 642 men and 441 women, confirming that those who ate quickly over a five-year period were more likely to have waistlines bigger than those who paced themselves. Even more troubling, the same group were 11.6 percent more likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome (heart disease, diabetes and stroke risk factors). That’s one messed up cluster to have in your body, folks.

Kathleen Alleaume, a nutritionist and exercise physiologist, broke down how you can beat the bad eating habits and get control of your health.


The problem with eating too fast is your stomach is much slower than your mouth. When you eat, it takes your stomach’s receptors 15 to 20 minutes to let your brain know it’s full, and in that time, you might be eyeballing a family-sized plate of delicious-looking nachos. Don’t let the nachos control you, guys. Remember, you’re in charge, not them.

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