Now You Can Grow Weed On The Go Thanks To The Latest Innovation

Enjoyment. Photo: riskms (Getty).

Tired of going to your local dispensary for all your marijuana needs? No? OK, we admit that it’s pretty easy, fast and ultimately convenient in nearly every way besides financially. However, sometimes the most satisfying weed is the kind you grow yourself.

With recreational cannabis legalized in eight states and counting where adults are permitted to cultivate up to six plants at a time under local law (or soon to be), the time is now to start harvesting your own crops. And thanks to the brilliant folks at GrowLife, Inc., an indoor cultivation service provider, it’s as easy as… doing all the work from the comfort of your own home? Well, at least all the necessary tools to do so are provided in one handy-dandy kit.

Grow Weed On The Go Thanks To Innovative Kit

grow weed, GrowLife, Inc.

Just look at all the equipment you get with the all-in-one home cultivation system dubbed the GrowLife Cube Pro. The cube is a sealed tent with a tough exterior that controls the climate and atmosphere. And best of all, any odor issues growers may encounter are a thing of the past. Plus, it’s so compact that it can fit in a closet. What were you using yours for anyways? Coats? Pfff!

Obviously, due to different people having different cannabis “needs,” prices on these grow kits vary, but start at around $1200. But when weighed against the money you’ll save in the long run, how can you say no grow?

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