Guy Discovers His Kids Got Candy That Expired 18 Years Ago And Twitter Is Worried

Photo: mediaphotos (Getty)

I don’t remember the last time I actually went trick-or-treating, but I really hope that all the candy that I got was up to date and not super old like the candy below.

A Twitter user named Adrian Johnson decided to share some biscuits that his kids got while out trick-or-treating on Halloween — a biscuit that he noticed expired way back in 1999. Take a look at the tweet below.

A few important questions I have: 1) why the hell are people giving biscuits/cookies on Halloween? 2) who the hell has 18-year-old food stored away?

Well Twitter had to chime in of course. Take a look at some of the best responses below:

Always look out for those evil old folks.

h/t Distractify

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