Bad News: Your Penis Can Shrink Over Time

Photo: jessekarjalainen (Getty)

Remember how we told you about the dude who was living with a three-foot penis? Well this it the opposite as it is possible for your penis to shrink over time, so keep an eye on it — more so.

Most dudes get nocturnal erections, which is when your penis gets erect while you’re asleep and dreaming about that gal you could never hook up with in college. And nocturnal erections are a good thing according to urologist Adam Ramin, M.D., medical director of Urology Cancer Specialists in Los Angeles, because they signal good health. This means that your nervous system is working correctly and that blood is flowing to your junk properly.

But what if you don’t get erections while you’re asleep? Well that’s not a good thing at all.

Urologist Tobias Köhler, M.D., M.P.H., says that dudes who don’t get nocturnal erections can have penis shrinkage because their muscles aren’t being stretched regularly, resulting in a shorter erect wang. Bummer.

And all of this of course leads to erectile dysfunction as well. Other factors that your penis may be taking a hit? Large amounts of alcohol intake and stress can effect your penis, too.

But don’t worry, Dr Pixie McKenna has some ways that dudes who can’t get it up can improve their erections and last longer in bed. Here’s what she had to say to Daily Star.

“De-stress, reduce your alcohol intake and check you aren’t on any prescription medications that may be having an impact, for example water tablets. If you are a long distance cyclist cut back on the miles and if you partake in recreational drugs stop, both of these activities can reduce the ability to have an erection.

Eliminating factors that negatively impact your erections are essential. There are also a selection of medications which can help, many of which are available through online pharmacies such as Superdrug. Opting to go down this route means you bypass those awkward face to face conversations with a doctor but you still have a secure confidential online consultation with a GP to address the issue.”

So there’s hope. Although getting older will eventually do a number on your junk, so let’s all suffer together.

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