Creepy Guy: Creepiest Creepy Guy Stories

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If being a creepy guy was a profession there would be more of them than fast-food workers and social media managers combined. With the later still being worse than the creepy ones. But in all seriousness, it’s an epidemic of creepy men out there and what the people who told their true creepy stories wouldn’t be pleasant even for anyone.

Warning, these creepy guy stories may induce some slight paranoia, but as you’ll see in them, that’s not always a bad thing.

Creepy Guy Stories From Reddit

Creepy Guy Story #1

So in my hometown there’s a movie theater next to the highway. I was walking on the bridge and a guy told me “please help me! Please help! My little sister is lost near this movie theater.” He had braces and looked like he was maybe around 17-18? He was around 6 feet tall and a lot larger than me. I was 19 around this time. He was pointing to the back parking lot of the theater with no cars.

I thought for a moment about helping him, but he had this bugged out wild look in his eyes. My gut feeling told me no. I said “I’m sorry I have to catch the bus.”

He then followed me saying, “let me look up your dress?” I said “fuck off!” And the creepy guy seemed to love me getting angry and sped walked away.

Creepy Guy Story #2

Last year right around the weekend of Halloween (October 28th) I was late to show up to a friends Halloween party. I had a supper to go to right before completely across town. When I left it was about 10pm and I had an hour drive ahead of me, but if I took a shortcut into a not so safe part of town, I would save 25 minutes.

Big mistake.

As I’m waiting at a red light in the sketchiest part of town, I look over to the sidewalk and I see 3 men, dressed up as the purge heading towards my vehicle.

I look around me and I see that there are no other cars, nor pedestrians,.

These creepy guys start coming over to me faster now, all of them carrying weapons. One had a baseball bat, one had a crowbar.. and one had an axe. Weither they were just playing a Halloween prank, or not, it was still the scariest experience of my life. Especially because right before the light turned green, they approached my window and one of them even tried pulling on my passenger side handle before I peeled away.


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