The 10 Best Transition Pieces for Fall

Warm weather may be holding out across much of the country, but that doesn’t mean it is going to last forever. As the cooler months are upon us, this is the key time of year to take stock on the best transitional pieces of clothes. With these foundations, you will be able to keep some of your favorite spring/summer staples (like short sleeved button ups or super soft tees) out of your untouched bottom drawer a little longer.
A classic Henley is key for transition weather. While they look good all on their own, get more bang for your buck by layering them under short sleeved styles, or paired with a lightweight jacket, like a nylon coaches coat or bomber jacket.
Meanwhile, the shorts were fun while they lasted, but let’s face it, comprehensive looks really do fare better with pants. Skip the jeans and instead opt for fresh chinos or modernized corduroys. Both of these options have become reinvented. The Sharpshot Chino Peat by Zanerobe have a new silhouette, which include a relaxed waist and leg, but cinched ankles. And the 484 Slim-fit Pant by J.Crew in corduroy is not a 70’s rerun. Instead these pants are more fitted, come in neutral yet favorable colors, and really will add a new level of diversity to your pant options.
Finish off your ensemble with sneakers equipped for the elements (if and when they come), and of course a beanie.


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