Manamorphosis: 2018 Autumn Wardrobe Essentials

This past weekend was the Autumn Equinox, marking the point each year when day and night share an equal amount of time. It’s also a marker for when the days begin to shorten as we transition into the holidays. Even in L.A., it’s really apparent that summer’s pretty much over. Now we’re in that weird transitional period where you can still sort of wear summer clothes, but you’ll have to start gathering your autumn wardrobe essentials.

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You don’t need to do a major overhaul in order to get ready for fall. There are just a few essentials you’ll need to be fashion-forward. This autumn, these are the go-to pieces that will help you evolve your wardrobe without looking tired or dated.


Sporty Plaid Blazer

You can mix and match your pants and dress shirts as long as you have a statement jacket like this COOFANDY Plaid Tweed Blazer in Coffee. It can be dressed up with black or brown slacks or dressed down with your favorite pair of jeans. Plus, the rich coffee color is perfect for any parties you might have from now until Thanksgiving. It’s got a lovely modern fit, notch lapel, two front flap pockets and fully lined. It sells for less than $50 making it not just a must have, but a steal.

Photo: SIR7

Denim Dress Shirt/Jacket

Layering denim is so hot right now, I’m kind of surprised Derek Zoolander’s not the poster boy for the look. It’s really hard to over-do the denim-on-denim look these days. As long as you stick with similar shades, you’ll be fine to layer up. I recommend this SIR7 Denim Dress Shirt. It’s 100% cotton and is light enough to wear with a T-shirt underneath once it gets cold. You can pair it with a HOW’ON Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket in the color 835 blue, which will layer perfectly with most blue denim.


Bold Printed Dress Shirts

This autumn you can really pop by adding a bold printed dress shirt to your wardrobe. WHATLEES Printed Dress Shirt in Ba0070-navy is a beautiful blue print that will seamlessly work with jeans or dress pants. Depending on the occasion, you could dress this up for a night on the town just as easily as you could dress it down for a work meeting. As long as you’re expressing yourself with a bold print and rich, jewel tones, you can’t go wrong.

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Photo: Ezkrwxn

Suede Boots

You’ll need new shoes for fall, something that will transition well into winter so that you can get extra mileage without sacrificing style or comfort. These Ezkrwxn Oxford Boots are exactly the versatile boot you’re looking for. They’re designed with a generous toe box and instep for an exceptional fit. They come in four colors, all of which are perfect for fall: grey, green, brown and black. Now your biggest problem will be narrowing down the best color for you.

Mixing and matching any of these items with your existing wardrobe will instantly transition your look, giving whatever you wear a crisp autumnal feel. Which items do you think will become staples of your autumn attire? Sound off in the comments.