The Return Of Single Losers Halloween: Easy Costumes For Solo Suckers In 2017

Photo: John Rensten (Getty)

Halloween is, for most people, an exciting and hilarious time of year in which thoughtful costumes are cleverly sewn, fitted and beautifully crafted. And then there’s you, the single loser on Halloween, whose costume consists either of duct tape and spray paint, which has you too high from huffing you barely know where you are, or it’s a thoughtless composition of clothes you wear every day and permanent marker on your face, which also has you high and confused.

Last year we concocted a nice slew of easy Halloween costumes for the single loser because we all know that a guy by himself on Halloween is destined to look like an asshole, no matter what. This year we’re back with some timely Halloween costumes that are edgy, offensive and, best of all, easy as hell to pull off.

It’s bad enough you’re alone on Halloween. Might as well have some fun with it, solo suckers. Here are 10 Halloween outfits that will either garner you some attention or get you kicked out of wherever you are earlier enough that you can get home to watch some classic horror movies. Also alone.

The Return of Single Losers Halloween: Easy Costumes for Solo Suckers in 2017

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