Long Island Iced Tea Ingredients and Preparation

Photo: Erika Goldring(Getty Images)

When it comes to cocktails, taste, smell, look, and simplicity aren’t the only thing that matter, reputation is a big deal as well. And somehow over the years, Long Island Iced Tea got a bad one, people started labeling it as pretty basic and cheezy, even though the list of Long Island Iced Tea ingredients isn’t a short one.

Despite having a notoriety of being a weak drink thanks to the ‘tea’ part of its name, Long Island recipe consists almost completely out of alcoholic drinks. Five of them. The way it is served (in a high glass) and the reputation of the Long Island itself don’t help the drink shake out its weak, feminine reputation.

Long Island Iced Tea History

Unlike most of the cocktails that are household names, the history of the Long Island Iced Tea is known as it was made by Robert “Rosebud” Butt for a contest. In 1972 he worked at the Oak Beach Inn on Long Island and joined the competition to create a new mixed drink with triple sec. Obviously, he got the ultimate prize by being immortalized with his creation.

Of course, since then everyone who had a mixer in their hands played with the original recipe so the history of the Long Island Iced Tea ingredients is slightly fuzzier.

Long Island Iced Tea Ingredients

– Gin
– Tequila
– Vodka
– White Rum
– Triple Sec (orange liqueur)
– Lemons
– Ice
– Cola

Long Island Iced Tea Equipment Needed

– Shaker
– Mixing glass
– Measuring Jigger
– Straw
– Sling glass
– Strainer
– Bar spoon/teaspoon

Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

You might be disheartened after seeing the long list of Long Island Iced Tea ingredients and the bar equipment needed for it, but what it makes for in supply troubles, the cocktail makes up for in simpleness of making.

To start us off take a mixing glass and pour half an ounce of white rum, like Bacardi Carto Blanco, in it. Proceed to add the same amount of tequila into the glass. The third alcoholic drink in the mix is in, and the amount is once again half an ounce. Vodka is next in line with a half of ounce as well, while triple sec finishes the first part of the staging process, and yes, the amount you should pour is half an ounce. Equal measures all throughout.

As we said, Long Island is easy to make and easy to remember. It uses more ingredients than Tom Collins but is much cleaner than the Bloody Mary.

The next stop on the list of Long Island Iced Tea ingredients is lemon juice. Now, add an ounce of lemon juice to the glass. Make sure it’s freshly squeezed lemon juice, not some processed version of a shelf. Either way, you’ll need lemons for the garnish at the end.

Fill the glass with ice, fix it to the shaker and give it a nice shake making. Separate the two parts with the liquid being in the glass and proceed to pour the drink into the mixer through a strainer in order not to dilute too much while you prepare the serving glass.

Take the elegant sling glass and fill it with ice up to the top. Use a highball glass if you don’t have the more specific sling one.

Add a splash of Cola into the glass which will give the drink its color. Put a spoon inside the glass up to the level of the cola and then proceed to pour the mixture onto the spoon to create the layered sensation.

To garnish the drink and prepare it for serving add a straw and put a slice of lemon in it.

Enjoy your Long Island Iced Tea!

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