The Best Non-Alcoholic Beer You Should Try

Photo: Paper Boat Creative (Getty Images)

Everyone loves a good beer but, let’s face it, it’s not the healthiest of beverages out there, is it? While the intoxicating effect of alcohol can be fun for a while, the painful hangover the morning after certainly isn’t. So, if you feel like making a change, why not switch to non-alcoholic beer? There are certain brands out there that make high-quality beer free of alcohol that offers the same (or even superior) taste without those negative consequences. So, to help you find your way in this new world, we’ve compiled a list of non-alcoholic beers you need to try. Take a look.

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Alkoholfrei

Quite a mouthful, eh? We realize that it’s quite a problem ordering a beer with a name like this, but it might just be worth it. This particular non-alcoholic beer is made in one of the oldest breweries in the world – Weihenstephan. According to various sources, the brewery dates back from the year 1040. So, basically, with every sip of their beer, you’re taking in a bit of the Middle Ages. Talking about taste, this alcohol-free version of their wheat beer tastes almost exactly the same as the original. Hefeweissbier gives you the taste you expect from a proper wheat beer, with hints of honey and clover. You won’t know the difference.

Clausthaler Golden Amber

Since we already started with Germans, why not continue down the same path? Clausthaler is an interesting choice because, unlike many other breweries that focus mainly on the alcohol, this brewery specializes solely on non-alcoholic beer products. While most other breweries remove alcohol from regular beer, this one works from the start to stop the fermentation process altogether. Because of that, you get a more original, full taste that does not depend on its alcoholic variety which is quite refreshing (double meaning intended).

Mikkeller Non-Alcoholic Beer

Mikkeller is one of the most prolific Danish beer manufacturers. They refuse to focus on a single type and instead try to make as many different beers as they can. Of course, this also includes manufacturing two quite interesting non-alcoholic beers that correspond to two main seasons. The first one is Drink’in the Sun, obviously made to enjoy in the summer because of its refreshing citrus note. The other one is called Drink’in the Snow for you to enjoy in the winter. The second variety is a dark seasoned beer that will warm you up in the unforgiving cold months of the year.

Kormoran 1 NA 100

If you’re not an absolute purist when it comes to non-alcoholic beer and are able to cope with just 1 percent of alcohol, you should definitely try Kormoran. What makes this beer so interesting? Well, it’s probably the fact that this Polish brewery uses only organic ingredients which give the final product a unique taste. Besides that, they also relay mostly on the locally grown rye, for example, so they also give back to the community. We would tell you more about it, but unfortunately, we don’t speak Polish.

Coors Non-Alcoholic

In the end, we return to American soil and end this list with a Coors’ product named quite simply – Coors Non-Alcoholic. One of the greatest characteristic of this beer, as condescending as it may sound, its availability. As many beer-enthusiasts will tell you, the best beer is usually the closest one. Coors created a beer that will satisfy your cravings wherever you are, without causing drink-related problems. Imagine coming back from work in your car, stopping to get fuel and stumbling upon this little gem on the store shelf. You can forget about your problems for a while and enjoy a beer without a sense of guilt. There’s nothing better.

What is your favorite non-alcoholic beer? Do you like drinking it or do you feel that it’s basically a waste of time?