Study Reveals What Age Guys Are The Most Boring

Photo: Jetta Productions (Getty)

We’re all about paying attention to studies when they are released. That’s why it was quite eye opening to learn that almost half of all guys can’t locate a vagina on a diagram. Or that your gal’s vagina can become “depressed” if it doesn’t get sex. Well believe it or not the study we’re focusing on now isn’t about vaginas, it’s about the age that we all become boring as all hell.

Home rental site Airbnb surveyed 2,000 people to try and figure out the ages where one reaches peak excitement and peak boredom. What did they learn? That age 27 is the age where people reach their peak of being an exciting fella.

But when do guys become their most boring? Age 39.

It seems that people become more boring as they take on more responsibilities, which isn’t a surprise because they find themselves having less time to do keg-stands. As for gals? They become boring even earlier as the study claims this happens at age 35 for gals.

According to the study’s poll, there are a few things you can do to make you a less-boring person. Those things include, changing jobs, visiting a friend unannounced, staying out late on a weekday, or even asking someone out. The latter can also result in being confronted with heavy rejection. Right?

But don’t worry, the study also says that at age 50 is when people slowly start thinking about trying new things. So we can all look to traveling when we’re old and no one wants us anymore.

h/t Metro

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