Take a Look Back at The Strokes First 10 Years In New Book

Photo: Raphael Dias (Getty Images)

The Strokes have always felt like the last true “rock star” band with their retro sound, ego-driven infighting, and drug fueled tales. 

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Now, in true rock star fashion, the Strokes have their own photography book, The Strokes: The First Ten Years.

The October release (by Lesser Gods Books) is the first authorized visual record of one of New York’s greatest rock bands, featuring hundreds of images from their early years from photographer Cody Smyth, who describes the endeavor as “a peerless window into the group through the lens of a close friend who was there before it even began.“

Handsomely housed in an exceptional package that combines premium art paper for the photography and a textured stock for the text sections, including a special dust jacket design, the book features hundreds of color and black and white images of the band in public and in private and a special introduction courtesy of iconic photographer Mick Rock, aka “The Man Who Shot the Seventies”.

For more info and pre-orders for The Strokes: The First Ten Years go HERE.

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