It’s Time To Learn What To Get A Girl For Her Birthday

Photo: Jamie Grill (Getty Images)

One of the most grueling tasks every guy has to endure in his lifetime is certainly buying gifts for his loved one. It’s not only exhausting to most normal men, but it’s also incredibly difficult as you can never get the gift right. Chances are, all you’ll get is a sour smile and a cold “thank you” when you mess it up. In the worst case scenario, your missed gift will be a point of reference for every time you mess up in your relationship. These ideas about what to get a girl for her birthday will, no doubt, hit the mark and help you evade this highly problematic annual event.


OK, they say that diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but we understand that you aren’t really ready to give up most of your annual paycheck to afford one for your girl. That being said, gold or silver necklaces can sometimes do the trick and make your girlfriend happy. You need to be careful when choosing the right piece of jewelry, though. Don’t go for the cheapest one, because she will know. Even though you’re not familiar with it, she already knows all the prices or will, at least, check the price on the web later on. So, pick a piece that isn’t all that cheap and make up a story of how it reminded you of her. It should do the trick.

A Romantic Dinner

If you choose to prepare a romantic dinner yourself, she will appreciate the gesture, but expect something a bit more. This means that, not only will you have to toil away in the kitchen all day to make something that resembles a healthy meal, but you will also have to think of an additional present to give her afterward. Because of that, a much slicker idea is to reserve a table in a somewhat prestigious romantic restaurant and take her out. Truth be told, this might make her think that you’re planning on marrying her, so don’t go with an extremely exclusive restaurant. The atmosphere is the key here. What she will love is the idea that she can order something no one can pronounce in the whole world and leave most of it uneaten. It shows that you don’t care about the money, but want her to have a good time.

A Romantic Trip

Sure, you could add the word “romantic” to just about anything and pretend it will work, but in this case – it really does. A romantic trip doesn’t have to be 12 days on the Bahamas or any other remote island like the one Tom Hanks got lost on. It can actually be a short trip to nearby town that is special to you both for some reason. You can sacrifice yourself and suggest driving her to see her folks in her hometown or just take her to see Grand Canyon. Try to think of a place she once mentioned, maybe even jokingly, and just get her there. It will be a nice getaway from a daily routine.


A Blanket

OK, compared to all others, this gift seems quite trivial, but hear us out. As much as girls appreciate grand gestures and expensive trips to exotic places, they also adore small tokens of appreciation. If you’re unable to afford something bigger, opt for smaller, personal things that you could use together and that would symbolize the love you have for her. A nice, comfy blanket doesn’t sound like much of a gift on its own, but if it’s an investment for future intimate moments with your loved one – it is a great gift. Besides that, you could say that you remembered when she said that her feet were always ice cold at night and get some points for listening.

A Poem

Finally, here’s something that won’t cost you anything, financially, at least. If you’re one of those people who are able to transfer their inner feelings to the paper and make them sound genuine, a poem might be a solution for you. This doesn’t mean that you can just jot down anything that pops into your mind and be done with it. Of course, it also doesn’t mean that you should write about the socio-political situation in the country and criticize the government (as bad as it may be). Be personal and emphasize the details that made up your relationship. The whole point is to show her that you care and nothing says it better than a thoughtful poem that you had constructed specially for her. Show her that you’ve invested quite a lot of yourself into it and she will be grateful.

Now that you know what to get a girl for her birthday, just run out and make the necessary arrangements. Let us know how it went.