Reddit Preps For Nuclear War After Trump’s North Korea Response

Earlier this week, Donald Trump issued a threat to North Korea saying that he would unleash “fire and fury” across the country, after leader Kim Jong-un ramped up his army’s nuclear capabilities.

Trump’s astounding declaration came after the US received intelligence that Pyongyang had developed a miniaturized nuclear warhead, with North Korea responding by stating that they were “examining the operational plan” of striking areas surrounding the US territory of Guam, including an air force base.

Watch Trump’s threatening statement below:

Trump’s comments have been met with concern, with many growing increasingly anxious at the prospect of conflict between the two nuclear nations. Though there are many who believe that the tension between Trump and Kim Jong-un will ultimately fizzle out, there are those who are now operating under the assumption that nuclear warfare under the Trump administration is an inevitability. For those people, seeking advice online from like-minded individuals is the next logical step.

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The subreddit r/Preppers is a “place to share information on emergency preparedness as it relates to disasters both natural and man-made,” and since Trump’s threat to North Korea it has been inundated with hundreds of new users discussing how to survive the event of nuclear warfare with the “Hermit Kingdom.” A thread on this topic has now become one of the top-rated posts in the subreddit’s history, despite having been posted less than 24 hours ago.


The front page of r/Preppers.

Though the thread features many humorous responses, others have sincerely offered advice to those also concerned about the increased threats made between Trump and Kim Jong-un. One poster wrote:

“My wife and I had a conversation about the “plan” should anything happen. We’ve decided to meet at home and shelter in place since N Korean bomb yields are “low” and there won’t be many of them. I’ll pickup the kids from school, and she’ll move everything we need into the basement.

Unfortunately, since she works in the city, I put together a “Go-backpack” to keep under her desk. It contains water, phone charger, knife, running shoes, hat + gloves, snack bars, flashlight, facemask, whistle, minor first aid, and most importantly – a detailed road map with highlighted route to walk home. (breaks my heart that I won’t be able to help her get home). In the meantime I’ll fill the bathtubs, bury the basement windows, and bring the mattresses into the basement.

We’re putting together a list of emergency supplies we still need to buy and are hitting Costco in the next weekend. I want to have enough supplies for one month rationed, at least, for all four of us. We’re still putting together the list. Have been thinking about getting a generator – kind of want one anyway for power outages. …and maybe a rifle.

None of this is a waste or over-reacting since any/all of it could be handy in a hurricane or power outage anyway.”

The subreddit is now also filled with people making specific requests regarding how to survive a nuclear event, while others are busy instructing others how to do so, or outlining their own plans for our alleged apocalyptic future. One user in Seattle asked how they should prepare themselves for the worst while living in a “target city,” to which Stormtech5 replied:

“Now that I have this community I don’t feel like a psycho for reading a book on nuclear bombs and warfare.

IF… It is a solid direct hit, most are designed to detonate 300 feet to half a mile above the target so that it has an Air Burst affect and provides more damage to ground structures. The Hiroshima bomb was detonated 1800 feet up for this affect.

If you survive vaporization and the pressure wave from the shock wave, (the pressure wave can demolish buildings too essentially like a mega-earthquake), lots of collapsed buildings and compromised structures.

My favorite… The firestorm happens when the burning mass of wreckage starts pulling air in towards the epicenter, powerful enough to rip trees and building up from the drafts created. Just read that these winds can be up to 600mph.

The firestorm feeds itself and consumes all in its path. Only stopping when it runs out of sufficient material to cause strong drafts.

Everyone else who survived will mainly need to worry about radiation poisoning. I’m no expert in radiation sickness but I know being underground or under water greatly decreases your exposure.

Then worry about the fact that you are now in a WROL situation (without rule of law), society has broken down to its individual and family units and the people will be unpredictable.

Expect possible follow up attacks any time from immediately to weeks down the road.”

Other users have discussed the effectiveness of KI pills, which help prevent the likelihood of thyroid cancer as a result of radiation exposure, while others have even touched upon supporting the potential conflict and helping their family live a “normal” life in a Fallout-esque world.

While it remains to be seen just how far Trump will escalate his threats with Kim Jong-un and North Korea, and whether those threats will eventually become a reality, at least there are concerned internet users ensuring there will be a few of us left to carry on the human race… even if those few will mostly consist of paranoid Redditors.

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