10 Common Misconceptions About Life You’re Sadly Mistaken On

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Life is full of them: misconceptions and the most common ones are the lame platitudes people seem to use (err, misuse) the most. Although most people are sadly mistaken whenever they open their mouths with something unoriginal, we’re still going to clear the air in order to save some shreds of embarrassment. You know, either way, you’re probably screwed, but at least you’ll know what you’re saying when you say it. See what we’re saying?

From old-age phrases your mother used to tell you to the bullshit teachers feed you in order to get you to behave all the way up to your friends fill your head with useless crap, common misconceptions about life are everywhere, and we’re going to start fixing the problem one overused, misused phrase at a time.

By the end, your lexicon will be sharp as a whistle? Or is clean? Or smooth? Eh, who cares. Now, take our unlicensed word for everything you’re about to learn, then immediately regurgitate.

10 Common Misconceptions About Life You’re Sadly Mistaken On

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