How to Get Over a Girl ASAP

Photo: Image Source (Getty Images)

She had warned you a long time ago that she would leave if you didn’t change your lifestyle and started acting your age. By this, she was probably referring to your beloved PS4 and its amazing games, along with the ridiculously huge TV you had installed just for it. She also probably meant that you should clean the place up once in a while and find a decent job to pay at least some of the bills. Well, when you look back, you’re actually glad she left. Now, you just need to find out how to get over a girl who took your heart for safe-keeping these past few years, broke it and proceeded to stamp on it, over and over again. Don’t worry, here are your options.

Another Girl

The most simple solution for all your grieving problems is to find another girl who will be your rebound. You don’t want to meet yet another long-term, blood-sucking, bottomless love pit, but a casual relationship to help bring back your faith in the humanity. So, where can you meet this type of girls? Basically, anywhere. All you need to do is go out and look for one, instead of just sitting in your apartment, listening to The Cure and pining for your ex. Be careful though, a lot of girls will simply pretend that they’re fine with a casual relationship, when in fact, they’re plotting against you in an effort to tie the knot without you even noticing. If you manage to find a sincere, casual one, don’t be afraid to explore everything a commitment-free relationship can give. This means that you’ll finally be able to tell someone your weird, probably illegal, sex fetish and don’t care if she says no and runs away screaming.


Friends are always the best comfort and can show you how to get over a girl quickly and painlessly, you just need to let them do it. So, when a friend says that he bought a couple of plane tickets to Las Vegas and needs you to go watch strippers with him all night, the only words that need to leave your mouth are “yes,” “absolutely,” “of course,” and “I’ve already started packing.” A few of these crazy weekends, reaching level 80 in WoW, a whole lot of junk food, and you’ll forget all about that back-stabbing bitch you once called your girlfriend. Of course, don’t think that strippers are the only thing your friends are capable of providing. Call them up and hit the bar or, if you’re more on a healthy side, play some football in a park near you. Nothing makes you forget your ex faster than a concussion you get by playing contact sports without any protection. Do you agree?


Then there’s the almighty alcohol. Similarly to previously mentioned concussions, alcohol can make you forget not just your ex, but your friends and family as well. Furthermore, it can even help you forget who you are. You just need to find out which poison best suits you. Some people prefer whiskey, others brandy, but you can always just opt for beer. The only problem with it is that you need to drink quite a lot to reach the desired effect which is neither financially nor healthwise good for you. However, how do you make sure you don’t become an alcoholic while you’re getting over your girl with the help of alcoholic beverages? It’s simple – you should never drink alone (or with other extreme alcoholics). As long as you keep it social, chances are you’ll be fine until your next relationship.

Alcohol and Friends and Another Girl

Finally, you need to realize that there is something much better than all three options mentioned before and that is – all three options at once. Drinking a couple of glasses with a handful of close friends and a casually hot girl beside you is simply a winning combination that works almost as three times as fast as all of them separately. After a week of this practice, you will not only forget about your disastrous relationship but also be well enough to insult her via a text message or, a lot funnier, via e-mail to her company.

Now that you know how to get over a girl that was haunting your dreams, you’ll be free to carry on with your life. Let us know which worked best.