First Completed Tesla Model 3 Expected to Roll July 7

After months of hype and controversy, Tesla is ready to show off their first consumer version of the new Model 3. After building more exclusive luxury builds until now, the introduction of the $35,000+- Model 3 is the Tesla attempt to introduce their all-electric sedans to the masses.

Tesla started taking orders for the Model 3 after the automaker announced the car in April of last year. Since then, the early adapters could put themselves on the buyers list by putting down a deposit of $1,000.

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The electric five-seater that will see the world this week and head off to that first lucky buyer will manage a 0-60 mph time under six seconds and an overall range of about 215 miles on a full charge. The Tesla Model 3 will feature the latest incarnation of the controversial Autopilot Hardware that turns the machine into a self driving car.

The earlier versions of Autopilot saw drivers die while using it, triggering a debate if it was driver misuse or the system itself that malfunctioned. Since then, Tesla made new partnerships to reshape Autopilot.

During a big July 28 debut party, the first 30 Model 3 buyers will take position. After that, the big question for Tesla will be how well they fill orders and drive future Model 3 buys. To some extent, the early Tesla ordering system was an unintentional Ponzi scheme.

The deposits taken in for Model 3 orders helped to drive Model 3 creation. So, if the car wasn’t popular from the gate, its development was in jeopardy. Now, actual sales of the car will aid in the fulfillment of future orders. Tesla finished the design and construction. They kicked off the sales. They produced the first cars. Now, the question will be if Tesla can keep with the demand the Model 3 stoked.