Hot Dog Drone Added to Oscar Mayer’s “WienerFleet”

Hot dogs have never been a member of the “slow food” movement (unless you’re making them from scratch, but why would you want to do that?). They’ve always been quick, convenience food cooked in the microwave or a summer grilling staple.

Now Oscar Mayer wants to get hot dogs onto your plate (and in your mouth) faster than ever. The brand recently announced that it’s adding two new vehicles to its “WienerFleet,” which already includes infamous Wienermobile, the WienerRover, and the WienerMini.

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Of the two new hot dog transportation options, there’s the WienerCycle, a three-wheeled moped with a hot-dog warming sidecar, and the WienerDrone, described as the “first unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft designed for remote location delivery.”

The new vehicles are heading out on a summer-long road trip across the U.S. Their first stop? A remote city named (what else?) Wiener, Arkansas. They’ll arrive at Wiener City Park on Saturday, July 1 at Noon for a Fourth of July cookout. While in the city of Wiener, the brand’s “Hotdogger team” will be on hand to give Wiener residents demos of, and photo ops with, the new fleet vehicles. The event celebrates Oscar Mayer’s newly overhauled hot dog recipe, which is now free from artificial preservatives, by-products, and added nitrates and nitrites. Oscar Mayer is the first national brand that can say that – and they did it without raising the price!

“As the most iconic brand, we’re going where other hot dogs can’t. We’re committed to getting our new hot dog in everyone’s hands – and going to great lengths to do this,” says Greg Guidotti head of marketing at Oscar Mayer, in a press release. “We knew that was a job for more than just our existing Wienermobile, so we’ve expanded our Oscar Mayer fleet, ensuring every American can taste the new recipe because we believe everyone deserves a better hot dog.”

If you don’t happen to live near Wiener, Arkansas (because, um, who does?), make sure to follow @Wienermobile on Twitter for updates on its summer tour stops and encourage it towards your neck of the woods by using the hashtags #ForTheLoveOfHotDogs #contest on social media for a chance to win a stop along its route.

All photos courtesy Oscar Mayer.