Mom Spends $25K On Son’s Prom Party That Included A Camel

Listen, I know people love their kids, but there is no way in hell I’m spending thousands of dollars so my annoying kid can have a party that may impress his just as annoying friends — no way in hell. But guess what? One mom actually spent $25,000 on her son’s prom party.

Saudia Shuler, a mom from North Philly, wanted to send her son, Johnny Eden Jr., to Dubai as a graduation gift. But at the last minute Saudia decided to bring Dubai to him instead. That’s right, folks. Saudia spent $25,000 on the party that included renting out sand, a camel, dinner and drinks and even some luxury cars. You know, just a Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini.

This kid even brought three dates to his party — three dates that probably don’t like him and only came for the free gift bags.

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And here’s the camel that had to try with all his might not to kick this kid in the gut.

And here is good old Johnny posing in front of his rented car.

Here’s what Johnny had to say about his party:

“At first I was like, it was too much, I don’t really like a lot of attention but it’s worth it,” Johnny told CBS Philly. “It was epic, man. I had my family out here. That’s all I really cared about is my family being out here. My mom did her thing, she was the real MVP.”

My mom once let me dress up as a Power Ranger for my birthday party. Now that was a party.

Saudia said she threw the party to reward her son for graduating school with a 3.8 GPA. Well, congrats, kid? But hey, if the lady has the money kudos to her. Then again, for $25K Johnny could have actually gone to Dubai, but what do I know?

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