What Is the Best Brandy?

Photo: jeka1984 (Getty Images)

Finding the drink that is truly right for you can sometimes be a daunting task full of trials and errors, but once you find it, you’ll feel like a huge part of your personality was missing before. Not only does a man’s drink testify of his personal taste, it also reveals what kind of a man he is – whether he enjoys inexpensive liquor with some heartfelt dedication or won’t settle for anything below exquisite; whether he drinks to forget his woes, or to prolong some memorable moments. Even the famous Dr. Samuel Johnson (one of the most important English linguists from the 18th century) stated that only true heroes drink brandy. So, if you want to be one of those vigilantes that move under the veil of night, here is the best brandy to have by your side.

A Little Bit of History

We realize that you don’t care a lot about the story behind brandy and just want to guzzle down that tasty drink, but the thing is, a drink is sometimes only as good as the story behind it. So, what is actually brandy? Well, brandy is made by wine distillation, but the quality of the drink and its taste depend on the type of wine, its origin and, of course, the process itself. It is said that people started making brandy because they wanted to reduce taxes, as it used to be calculated according to the volume. Others say that it was created as a form of wine preservation for long travels. Either way, we’re happy that it happened. Now, we’ve mentioned that there are a lot of different types out there, but the two most famous ones are certainly Cognac and Armagnac that come from two famous regions in France. OK, now let’s get to it.

Copper & King’s Butchertown

The first kind you should try is, of course, Copper & King’s Butchertown. You might not believe us, but there is actually a region called Butchertown down there in Kentucky and, no, it’s not full of serial killers. This is a historically significant part of the country and it reflects in the drinks they make. Copper & King is a company famous for their special brandy that is considered among the best in the USA. The Butchertown brandy is usually compared to whiskey in taste, but as soon as you the initial flavor passes, you start getting that unique brandy vibe with just a hint of cherry.

Korbel’s 12-Year-Old Brandy

Another brand from the USA worth mentioning is Korbel’s amazing 12-year-old brandy that has a long tradition and is considered a classic. This special, limited edition of brandy is made the same way its founder Francis Korbel did it way back in 1889, which is why it has that special, traditional feel to it. The name comes from the fact that it is aged for at least 12 years in handmade oak barrels to get the flavor just right. Because of this long process, it generates a stronger, less fruity taste with a lot of complexity.

Germain-Robin Coast Road Reserve

California has a lot of great distilleries, but among its best is the relatively young (founded in 1982) Germain-Robin distillery that creates their own affordable version of Cognac. This type of brandy is made of pinot noir wine in a still that was actually used for making Cognac. Germain-Robin Coast Road Reserve brandy has a complex taste as it blends variously aged brandies and includes pieces of dark fruit. It is fairly cheap (considering the quality), so you’ll be able to enjoy it without damaging your budget too much.

Courvoisier Cognac

Even if you detest alcohol from the bottom of your heart and want nothing to do with it (though it’s strange you’re reading this article, though), you’ve probably still heard of Courvoisier, a fairly famous brand of Cognac. Speaking of tradition, Courvoisier has certainly been around for a long time with its beginnings 1800s. The founder of Courvoisier started the business right after the arrival of Napoleon so the history of the drink is an inevitable part of its taste. Depending on the age, a Courvoisier Cognac can cost anything from a $50 to a couple of thousands. What you’re paying is not just its magnificent taste, but also the history that goes with it.

Château du Tariquet VSOP

Finally, if you’re going to try Cognac, you can’t miss Armagnac as well. If you don’t feel like spending too much (especially if you’re just exploring your taste buds and finding out which drink is for you) but still want to try some good Armagnac, then you ought to try Château du Tariquet VSOP, whose caramelly flavor will entice you as you wait for that rich and complex finish. At a cost of around $30, it’s quite a bargain.

Do you love brandy? If you’re a connoisseur, would you like to tell us what you think it the best brandy out there?