This Guy Created a Cortana Hologram in His Own Home

When most of us return home from a tough day at work, we typically chill out until we head to bed by way of watching a film, catching up on a Netflix series or playing a video game. However, Jarem Archer spends his free time working on his functional Cortana hologram, successfully putting the rest of us to shame.

Archer, who runs the YouTube channel ‘untitled network,’ explained the work that went into developing the hologram appliance, with it utilizing Microsoft’s Cortana voice recognition service in order to create a visual AI personal assistant. Powered by a Windows 10 device, it makes use of a Unity 3D app that animates Cortana in three different camera angles, along with real-time face tracking that alters the hologram’s position relative to the viewer’s head position.

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The Cortana hologram, based on the Halo character of the same name, has been designed in order to provide a concept of what the technology  may look like if Microsoft decides to go down the hologram route for its AI assistant. Archer’s wife even provided the motion capture for her movements, in order to ensure that the character’s animation would be fluid and life-like.

The end result sees her responding to the user’s request by accessing a Minority Report-esque gesture-based user interface, and while there doesn’t appear to be unique animations for certain requests, it still provides an impressive glimpse into how the future of voice recognition services such as Cortana, Alexa and even Siri may eventually look.

Take a look at the video below: