10 Popular Summer Vacation Cities in America That Straight Up Suck

Photo: via roamaboutmike.com

Oh boy, are we ever going to piss some people off here! Popular vacation cities in America are subjective to the vacationer, but most of them are crap tourist cities. But when it comes to these cities that straight up suck, we should all agree they suck and avoid them. Yet people keeping going. Why is that?

Whether you’re a lonely single guy or a miserable family man, these places will entice you one way or another with their theme parks, casinos, dirty beaches, college girls and their perky “bewbs” and any other sunburnt dream gone awry. But that doesn’t mean you have to visit them. Screw what Travelocity and other popular travel sites tell you about where to spend your free time. We’re telling you where not to go, which we think is all you need when it comes to summer travel. All you really need is a tent, a car and a national park, or maybe just the right beach or winery.

The choice of popular summer vacation cities is up to you, but ask yourself this: Have we ever led you astray? This doesn’t include that one time way back when we told you Jonah Hill was a fat, worthless turd. Anyways, safe travels!

10 Popular Summer Vacation Cities in America That Straight Up Suck

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