Men Who Read Books Attract More Women, According To eHarmony

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Time to renew your library card, boys.

Having trouble meeting women? When referring to the level of your game, is it considered less pro and more junior varsity bench warmer? Well, if you’re looking for the answer to meeting more women, apparently all you have to do is open a book. Literally, just read a book.

Men Who Read Books Attract More Women, According To eHarmony

According to a survey done by popular dating website eHarmony, men who list “reading” as part of their interests on their online dating profile receive 19 percent more messages on the website. That’s a big bump for saying that you’re into browsing more than just a thread on Twitter.

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But it doesn’t just stop there, you guys. You can’t just crack open anything from your local Barnes & Noble and expect to rake in the phone numbers. The kind of literature you indulge in has a heavy effect on the amount of interest you receive.

According to the survey, men who read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are 36 percent more likely to receive communication from potential mates. So basically, don’t waste time watching the movie, and instead go straight to the paperback.

Be careful, though, because the kind of books you read can also have a severely negative effect. Men who list anything in the Harry Potter series get 56 percent LESS communication than those who don’t. So if you’re into Harry Potter, maybe wait until a few dates down the line before you profess your love of wizards.

Ultimately, you’re going to do what you think is best when trying to court a lady. This survey might be helpful to you, but personally, if she isn’t down for my love of nerdy shit, she’s not worth my time. Best of luck, gents.

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