V-Moda Rattles Spring with New High End Audio Products

V-Moda is an audio company with a very specific identity and very careful branding. Meanwhile, they’re making some very nice, high end equipment. Everything from their boxes to their ads to their actual products hide in fields of matte black, while their headphones, speakers and other products rely on top shelf sound and personalized aesthetics.

Hereabouts you’ll find some quick overviews of the latest products from V-Moda, including their features and the options that set them apart from the vast swath of audio equipment.

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Crossfade Wireless II Headphones: The Crossfade II unit (top) evolved from the original wired Crossfade over ear phones and the wireless edition that emerged soon afterward. Equipped with high resolution components and providing passive noise reduction, V-Moda made the Crossfade II with an eye toward fidelity and recreating the live performance experience. Finally, there’s no need for any two pairs of Crossfade Wireless II Headphones to be alike as buyers can personalize color and display plates via 3D printing.


Forza Metallo Wireless Headphones: Lightweight and powerful, the Forza Metallo Wireless also evolved from the previous season’s wired versions. Using a 5.8 mm Wireless Driver and relying on solid metal construction, the Forza line sounds great and turns out to be surprisingly tough. Finally, a variety of 3D printed custom caps put on that last personalized touch.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.34.22 PM

REMIX Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker: Smaller than a breadbox, the REMIX will blast out a bakery’s worth of sound. With a glass fiber dual-driver and passive bass reflector, the REMIX’s sound feels bigger than its frame. But, the unit’s unique feature is its onboard Headphone Amplifier. In keeping with the customizing tradition of other V-Moda products, the REMIX fits into a variety of frames and stands to fit a room’s decor.