10 Turn Offs For Girls You Should Eradicate

Not Holding Your Liquor

Stumbling and mumbling while reeking of cheap whiskey can’t be appealing even in the eyes of the person mumbling and stumbling, it’s just that they realize it the morning after everybody else. No girl with a pinch of self-respect will go for a drunken baboon, especially if she’s out of college. It doesn’t apply only to liquor as if a girl sees that you can’t control yourself when you take other things, that being weed-induced paranoia or screaming “let’s goo!” on ecstasy. Gauge how well these things go for you and always know that it’s better to be under drunk, than overly drunk.

Being Inappropriate

Nobody wants to feel embarrassed for somebody else’s actions, and if you display the possibility that a girl could endure that on a regular basis because of you, not even a six pack is going to save you. Having social intelligence to assess the situation and know what you’re saying is appropriate or not is a valuable skill in every relation, business, friendship, and especially dating. Saying something that was completely off can turn off an entire room, not just the girl you’re trying to make a move on.

Too Clingy

If you started dating a girl and you’re feeling the butterflies and all the other accompanying things, you may still hold the breaks on going overboard with sharing your emotions. You not need be a robot, but it’s obviously better to let the girl be the more expressive with her feelings. Don’t go saying how you can’t wait to wake up next to her if you haven’t even slept together, don’t go saying “I love you” after two weeks of dating, don’t shower her with texts and emoticons, just have the last point in mind basically. And never, ever, for the love of god, do the baby talk.

Bad Grammar

While some girls won’t mind this as they also suffer from the same problem, a worthy girl will be peeved if you communicate like a teen, and that annoyance can only grow over time resulting in “you’re azz gitting dumped”. This is a very important rule in the world of online dating and the text-obsessed communication era, so make sure you’re at least using correct spelling, and furthermore, check the most common grammar mistakes online so you don’t look stupid.

Chasing Women

Even though players have their appeal with women regardless of what they might say (there wouldn’t be players if that wasn’t the case), it’s still ill-advised to bark at too many passing cars like a dog. Women are intrigued by men that seemingly don’t even have to bother to attract girls, whose looks or status does that for them, and are completely turned off by guys who turn around after every girl. Open flirting is also a big turn off, it should be a subtle game. You don’t have to be around a girl for her to be turned off by your chasing, as the word you hit on 400 girls that month will surely come to her if you have mutual friends. So be pickier, this should apply to your life for your own sake, not just to avoid girls getting turned off.

Share some other turn offs for girls that you noticed, help is always needed as they are a picky bunch.

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