10 Turn Offs For Girls You Should Eradicate

Photo: AntonioGuillem (Getty Images)

Sit down son, we have something to tell you, and it might be shocking to you. Here it goes… you’re not the god’s gift to women, despite working as a broker and having that high school football trophy on your nightstand. Women can be put off by the things you do and the things you don’t do, and if you didn’t know that it’s probably the reason why you peaked in the aforementioned high school. But we have your back with the list of 10 biggest turn offs for girls so you can check yourself and conquer the dating game and don’t miss out on the girl you actually like.

We’re focusing on the standpoint of women that you actually want to be with, not those clueless girls that would get used by obvious players over and over again as there is a different set of rules for them.

Bad Hygiene

First and foremost, if things haven’t been going great with girls and you might be clueless about why you should check that your hygiene is on point at all times. So body odor should be eliminated first, but hygiene includes having clipped, clean fingernails, toenails as well, your clothes should be clean and smell fresh at all times, bad breath is the biggest sin, and having back hair is up there too. So pretty basic stuff, just don’t be a total Foul Bachelor Frog, but somehow guys still fail at these things and get eliminated in the qualifiers.

Lack of Ambition

There is no unison formula for gauging what women like, but if you had to sum up their preferences for most appealing things in men, the three top qualities would be fame, success, and good looks. But while they could bare the lack of these three things, a lack of ambition is a kill- mood for any woman. If a girl sees that you have no aspirations in your life, or that you have set the bar really low, the any type of relationship you have gets branded with an expiration date lower than what a carton of eggs has. There is a saying that men would be living in boxes if it wasn’t for women to inspire them, and while that is perhaps true, you shouldn’t wait for a mate to inspire you to action.

Being Insecure

Not even the most liberal, hipster, LGBTQ-supporter, there’s more than two genders girl wants a man that is not manly. That word doesn’t have to mean being muscular, into cars, and sports, but the quality of manhood is of being secure in yourself and your actions, among other things. If you’re not liking and respecting yourself, why would anyone else do the same, so having a firm base is a must. A good place to start acquiring this mind frame is the manliest quotes we’ve gathered for inspiration.

Mute During Sex

So even if you’re having sex with a girl that doesn’t mean you beat the turn offs game, as a girl could get put off by more than one thing in bed. And the one most guys tend to overlook completely is being silent during it. We’re not saying you should shout out catchphrases you learned from pornography or Deus Vult for that matter, but remaining silent is the male equivalent of lying like a starfish. There are also more subtle ways to additionally show the girl you’re into it.


Yet again, even the girliest of girls, or those who shed the “constructs of gender” don’t want to be held by a man who is more sensitive and fragile than them. Every showcase of oversensitivity, either being to frail for life’s hardships or pouting after taking a joke are serious no signals for women. Go from your own standpoint, would you like to date a girl that is acting like one of your guy friends, calling you bro, talking loudly, swearing all the time? The vast majority of you wouldn’t, and it’s the same with girls.