The Perfect Chelsea Boot For You

The Chelsea boot is older than your grandma. It’s actually older than her grandma. This classic menswear boot silhouette actually dates all the way back to the Victorian era, when – similar to now – it was a unisex style worn by men and women. Since then, the design has seen highs and lows in popularity, but it has always remained a constant for shoe manufacturers. Designers have taken to reinventing the Chelsea boot well beyond what Queen Victoria would have ever imagined.

The boot is aimed at both style and comfort, with simplicity as it’s token framework. Chelsea boots are ankle length slip-ons, but may take a little effort to wiggle into, with a looser fit in the foot, and tighter at the ankle. While they can absolutely be dressed down, they’re more commonly integrated into formal or business casual attire.

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This boot has seen a diverse and robust evolution, with cultural phenomenons embracing this classic style and pushing it’s boundaries (and legacy) with it. It was actually in the 60s that the term “Chelsea” was associated with the historical style, named after a neighborhood in London, and then a little band called the Beatles wore them, and suddenly they became the ‘Beatle Boots.’

But Beatles or no Beatles, the style has been around for over 150 years, and it is not going anywhere any time soon. Now brands like Ted Baker, Frye and Represent have luxe looking versions with upscale materials for a good price. Dr. Martens has a Chelsea boot for the edgy version of you, and Hunter has a pair that will keep your feet utterly dry even in the heaviest rainstorm.

If your feeling a little iffy about this purchase, rest assured this style isn’t going out of style, ever.