8 of the Easiest Jobs Ever

Photo: vadimguzhva (Getty Images)

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you simply have to grow up and start earning some real money to support yourself. Obviously, since you’re just getting started, you don’t want to overburden yourself by becoming a CEO of a major company or a firefighter because it requires a lot of responsibility. No, you’ll want to start with something quite simple that still pays handsomely, right? Well, lucky for you, we’ve decided to look into the matter and offer you a list of the world’s easiest jobs along with their pros and cons. Get your CVs ready and prepare yourself for the ultimate working experience. If you decide to send us a percentage of your weekly pay for this, we won’t stop you.

Video Game Player

We’ll start this list off with a job that you’re probably already overqualified for – video game player. A number of companies in the world need professional video game players to quickly go through the games, provide guides, tips, tricks or find bugs. If you’re an avid game player, this is a unique opportunity to merge your hobby and your work and earn some real cash.


You get a chance to play games for a living, at least 8 hours a day or you can also ask for overtime. Chances are you’ll get one of the best gaming machines or consoles and you’ll get to play the latest releases quite early. If you’re QA tester, your work also helps the game get better and run smoother.


Well, if you play games recreationally, you might not like the tempo required in these companies. There is a chance that you’ll get sick and tired of video games and will grow to hate them over time. Your back and your eyes are probably going to go first, as well.

Dog Walker

Easiest Jobs Dog Walker

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The busier people are, the less time they have for their pets. A lot of businessmen nowadays hire dog walkers to do the work for them and really, how hard is it to walk a dog? He has his own legs, you just need to walk beside him, hold the leash and collect some poo now and again. The best thing is that you can charge by a dog and earn more money for doing basically the same thing at the same time.


You get some fresh air, enjoy the company of these joyful little creatures and even get the attention of some dog-loving hotties along the way. Also, as we’ve mentioned before, you can take up as much as, say, ten dogs and get paid 10 times the amount without breaking a sweat.


Well, if you’re allergic to dogs, you might be in for quite a ride there. Besides that, not all dogs are the same. While some may calmly follow your commands and stay put when you want them to, others might get out of control and run away in an unknown direction leaving you with some sad news for the owners.

Test Subject

Being a test subject is almost the definition of getting money for nothing (and chicks for free). So, what do the test subjects do? They go to a lab, take some pills that they give them and get their hard-earned money for it. What are the pills? Well, they can be a range of things, from mild sedatives and harmless vitamins to experimental cancer treatments and toxic chemicals.


The only thing you need is the ability to swallow a couple of pills and grab the cash. That is literally it, so even if you don’t have any skill in your life, you’re unlikely to mess this job up. Besides that, some of the medications you take might cure you of diseases you didn’t even know you had.


While it’s unlikely any of these pills will kill you, they can possibly be harmful to your organism. For example, your skin might become purple, your eyes could pop out, or you could start seeing green elephants flying across the room. You just have to calculate the risks.