10 Traditional Things Millennials Aren’t Buying Anymore

Photo: rawstory.com

Things are starting to get weird out there, and it’s only getting weirder. As millennials continue to slowly take over the Earth (using the money they inherited from past generations), we’re seeing a shortage in a lot of commonly purchased items. There are traditional things millennials aren’t buying anymore, not the way our parents and grandparents did, and suddenly, there’s no fucking dairy or bread in the goddamn fridge!

Have a look at our list of traditional things the new generation seems to be lacking in. Is it because they’ve learned from their parents’ mistakes and are more concerned with mindful spending and healthy choices? No, it’s likely a combination of complete ignorance and absolute instability. As we go a little further down the line, don’t be surprised if your friends don’t know how to answer your questions about your 401K, buying an engagement ring or why the sky is continually blue.

Now read in horror the shockingly common things that millennials seem to be dwindling in, including a surprisingly low rate of Big Mac consumption by a generation that spends most of its time concerned with experimenting with unheard of controlled substances. Shocking, watch and learn.

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