Russell Westbrook Fashion Hero

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While he’s the most likely MVP of the season and once in a lifetime basketball player, Russell Westbrook’s has another big passion in his life and that is fashion. Yet Russell Westbrook fashion is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, including us, as some of the outfits the Oklahoma City player wears kinda makes us wish that NBA players were obligated to wear jerseys all the time.

Everybody knows about the famous orange “Official photographer” vest with which Westbrook allegedly poked fun at former teammate Kevin Durant, but we focused on other outrageous combos the PG put together. And as his triple doubles, they are numerous. To be fair, like 40% of his outfits are downright great and something we would wear, but the remaining ones plead to be made fun of. And since we’re not good people, and more importantly, don’t live in Oklahoma City, we’ll jump right into it.

While we envy his company here at the New York fashion week as he’s hanging with Emily Ratajkowski, Nina Agdal, and Martha Hunt, seeing him in this outfit on the streets without knowing he’s a basketball god, would probably result in us putting few dollars in his hat, as he looks homeless.

Russell Westbrook outfits

Russell Westbrook fashion sense

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We will start you off slow with Russell’s homage to Eddie Murphy and his comedy specials’ Delirious and Raw. Since Westbrook wear this at the Paris Fashion Week it’s not as a big offense as he was probably one of the most normally dressed people there.
Russell Westbrook Fashion Hero

Photo: Michael Buckner(Getty Images)

While Peyton Manning went the basic way with a navy suit for the 2014 ESPYS awards, Russ took it too casual and wore the upper part of his pajamas, while also rocking out a chain over it, which is always a douche move.
Russell Westbrook Fashion Mistakes

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Ok, he’s wearing a jacket her… wait, it’s a tiger print jacket? Technical foul has to be given even without thinking. You just can’t win with this guy.
Russell Westbrook Fashion Worst Outfits

Photo: Bryan Bedder(Getty Images)

Russell Westbrok Fashion Hero traveled a lot as a part of the USA National Team, and during his travels, he must’ve encountered some East European, Central Asian shepherds who inspired him to throw on this outfit. It looks fine if you look at just the torso, but all together it also resembles something a citizen of Zion from The Matrix would wear.
Russell Westbrook Fashion Miley Cyrus

Photo: Jason LaVeris (Getty Images)

Standing next to Miley Cyrus and making her outfit look sensible is a true accomplishment in the world of high fashion. Russ went for the Tekken character style here with the cutout sleeves, and he sure loves to keep his ankles exposed for some reason.
Russell Wesbrook fashion crimes

Photo: Jon Kopaloff(Getty Images)

All the questions about the justifiability of this article vanished when we glanced at this Russell Westbrook outfit, as there is no reason for any person to dress like this, let alone a multi-millionaire.
Russell Westbrook fashion mistakes

Photo: Pierre Suu (Getty Images)

The saddest thing is that these items of clothing probably cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You have the lobster-red shoes, the painter’s old jeans, church-going white shirt, and a pilgrim’s hat. Although he always kills it with his sunglasses choice, he should surely tuck in that chain, or even better, don’t wear it.
Russell Westbrook fashion statements

Photo: James Devaney (Getty Images)

Another Zionish outfit, and even though they look good and sensible in the movie, Russel Westbrook Fashion Hero makes the style too ridiculous even for a sci-fi movie. The weird t-shirt looks like something out of the creative genius mind of Kanye West, the mash part looks even weirder with the undershirt and the unusual neckwear. But the real star here are the shoes, that look more as a skinhead’s winter attire, than sensible footwear for a rich basketball superstar in the summer.

What do you guys think about Russell Wesbrook fashion style? Would you wear some of these outfits?

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