11 Amazingly Ignorant Questions Men Are Too Afraid to Ask at a Certain Point

Photo: Buena Vista Pictures

Life, right? It’s full of all sorts of impossible questions, some of which have no answers. Then again, a lot of them are ignorant questions men are too afraid to ask at a certain point. In that case, we tend to hang out heads in shame, hoping no one asks too specific of a question, that we aren’t called on in the classroom of life.

Whether it’s how the hell dry cleaning happens or where the term “blow job” came from, we’re certain there are a few big life questions you’ve been wondering. And we hope somewhere herein, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for, but most likely not. At least it will be good for a laugh as we put on display our complete incomprehension of life’s seemingly obvious details, things as common as a girl’s period and how long we have to play the waiting game, or why hamburgers don’t have any actual ham in them.

Life is one big question, but these 11 questions will make you laugh, either out of sheer joy or pity for our lost, weak souls. If you’ve ever wanted to see the inside of man’s brain for five minutes, here’s a scary depiction.

11 Ignorant Questions Men Are Too Afraid to Ask at a Certain Point

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