Man Angry Over Female Statue Aims to Erect a Giant Penis to Rival It

In what serves as a very accurate metaphor for political discourse over the past year, a man in Plymouth, England has stated that he will erect a statue of a giant penis to rival a female statue set to developed outside the city’s Theatre Royal.

‘Bianca’ (pictured, above) has been approved by Plymouth council, with the 23ft statue set to be constructed outside the theatre. However, Alan Grant believes that the statue is an example of councillors refusing to listen to the public, and after speaking out against its construction at its planning committee on Thursday, he now plans to seek funding for a statue of a giant penis to rival it.

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Grant believes that the statue, which is based upon a character in the city’s award-winning modern reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s Othello, “denigrates and demeans women” with him concerned that citizens will have to walk “underneath her private parts”. His response? The council should approve a statue of a giant penis, too.


“I am therefore seeking private sponsors for the installation of statue involving an erect penis,” he said, adding:”It will be offered to Plymouth City Council as a piece of street art, in line with Bianca, with nil cost to the council.

“The public will be encouraged to visit, take photographs, even touch it (in an artistic sense), and I will ask that this piece of art be erected alongside the members’ room of the Council House, which approved Bianca.”

Theatre Royal’s chief executive said that while he acknowledges that the statue has its detractors, “public art will be, and perhaps always should be, controversial.” He continued: People’s perceptions of what they think they like or don’t like vary over time.”

There’s no word yet on whether any investors have stepped forward to help Mr Grant erect his giant penis, but we can’t imagine there will be many people who will be willing to give him a helping hand.

(H/T Plymouth Herald)