Look At How These Gals Helped This Old Woman Reminisce About The Good Old Days

Photo: Allan Tannenbaum (Getty)

Not everyone can age like this 64-year-old woman has, so while we keep getting older we have to accept that we can’t go out and party like we used to. Hell, I look forward to being in bed by 9pm sometimes. Those are the small joys of life, people. But while a lot of people accept this and age gracefully, that still doesn’t mean that it isn’t tough leaving your youth behind. But lucky for one senior citizen, she happened to meet three pretty rad gals.

One girl, known as Smith Mahri on Twitter, was out and about with her gal pals when they all took a moment to of course take a mirror selfie like all girls do. And that is the same moment that an old woman came up to them and informed them that they happen to remind her of when she was young, and of all her days of partying.

“I remember when my girlfriends and I would get dressed up and go out. I miss that,” the old woman told the girls.

Well this is what these gals decided to do. Take a look at it below thanks to Twitter.

Here is a closer look of course:




In the midst of all the garbage that is currently happening out there it sure is nice to read about a positive story for once. And maybe this lady went to party with these girls and got super drunk. That would be an even better ending to this already great story.

h/t Distractify

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