Gal Weighing In At 270 Pounds Loses 100 Pounds, Becomes A Model And Is Now Inspiring Others

Photo: Instagram

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, we love food, but we also love to hear stories of folks that set goals and reach them — just like these folks and their insane weight loss stories. But the same kudos can be given to these amazing weight loss transformations as well. And speaking of kudos, it’s time to talk about Mathilde Broberg’s incredible weight loss journey.

Just three years ago Broberg, who is from Denmark, found herself weighing 270 pounds, and taking in about 3,500 calories a day. Add to that the fact that Broberg was so overweight that she was almost kicked off a ride at the amusement park because of her size. Well, that seemed to be the final straw because Broberg got to work.

And take a look at what she looks like now:


So how did Broberg do it? How did she go on a journey that has taken her four years to lose 100 pounds? Well Broberg reveals that she had to stop eating delicious foods like chips, burgers and even chocolate, and had to really change her eating habits. Broberg also forced herself to only eat portions as big as her hand. But it was all worth it because Broberg is now healthy and looking amazing, as she is also a personal trainer, and a model having appeared in various commercials in print work.

Broberg also reveals that once she lost all that weight she did go get herself a tummy tuck in order to put the finishing touches on her transformation.

“Before the surgery, I felt trapped inside a body that wasn’t really mine,”Broberg states, “Now that my excess skin is gone I feel like I’ve transformed into the real me.”