17 Hotel Sex Confessions

Photo: ShaneKato (Getty)

Well would you look at that? Some folks go to a hotel to actually hook up, and not to jump off the roof like the idiot who broke both of his feet while doing that. And while you might find yourself having a business trip hookup while in a hotel, the folks below also had their own sex adventure (that’s right, sex adventure) when they found themselves inside of a hotel room. And once again, we can thank Whisper for giving these horny guys and gals the platform to share their secrets so that pervs around the world can read all about it.

So whether you’ve had sex in a hotel or not, check out these folks who had no problem sharing their hotel sex confessions.

17 Hotel Sex Confessions

hotel sex4


hotel sex6


hotel sex1


hotel sex11


hotel sex3


hotel sex2


hotel sex9


hotel sex12


hotel sex14


hotel sex5


hotel sex13


hotel sex15


hotel sex16


hotel sex8


hotel sex20


hotel sex17


hotel sex7

Well, there you have it — it seems sex in a super seedy hotel is the way to go if you want to have yourself quite the fun. Either that or head on over to a swinger’s party, so you can get to know your fellow man a little bit better. Hey, whatever works for you, pal.

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