A Guide On How To Pretend You Love A Shitty Gift

Photo: Camrocker (Getty)

Everybody has that one family member who always manages to disappoint in their gift-giving ability. It’s almost admirable in a way, that this person is so consistent in their inherent gifting shittiness. A Christmas isn’t complete without it.

The reason this affects you, the recipient, is because, upon unearthing this certifiably hideous or ill-fitting gift, you’re being watched by the entire family, most of whom already know the gift is going to be terrible, so they intently watch to see how authentic you make your reaction. Suddenly, you’re center stage. This is your moment so don’t screw it up.

What I want to do here is help make your reaction as convincing as possible. So hopefully what you’re about to read below is helpful, because there’s nothing I personally hate more than having to pretend I like something that I actually hate.

You see, I tend to wear my emotions quite obviously, so faking a reaction can be very hard for me to do. But since telling them that you hate what they’ve purchased for you is out of the question, I think I’ve compiled some helpful strategies to employ instead. So take a look below and reap the holiday benefits. It’s my gift to you.

A Guide On How To Pretend You Love A Shitty Gift

Perhaps you’d like one of these video game Christmas gifts instead? Or perhaps a coloring book full of swear words? No? We tried.

Well, good luck, and if all else fails, just say this:


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