2016 Home Gadgets Gift Guide | 8 Ideas for Comfort, Security

The smart home — a house or apartment full of gadgets and devices aimed at making a residence safer and more comfortable — was all the rage at last year’s Consumer Electronic Show. Those devices and ideas keep coming across various platforms and offer some interesting holiday gift ideas in the home gadgets department.

This home gadgets gift guide assembles some possibilities that are not dependent on any operating system. We also worked in some ideas that put technology to work in some very practical ways.

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We start out with the Amped Wireless Ally Smart Wifi System and the understanding that no “smart” home can operate without reliable, home-wide wifi. The Amped system uses two linked booster routers to take your original wifi signal up to 15,000 square feet. With that network active, your other home devices will have signal to work with while you surf the web.

You can inspect the rest of the home gadgets gift guide in the gallery below.