This Is How We Know You’re Not Ready to Be an Adult

Photo: Gregory Kramer (Getty)

The beginning of childhood looks an awful lot like the end of adulthood, but no matter what the age, most adults are clearly not ready for adulthood. We use words like “man-child” and “grown down” to describe these child-like wonders who act more than childish and obsessed with their private parts than most kids. And we are the same adults that enjoy going to pizza camp, and that somehow find ourselves stuck in playground equipment.

So check it out below to learn and see how we know you’re not ready to be an adult. We don’t care how old you are. Just make sure you look through this and determine if you’r etruly an adult.

This Is How We Know You’re Not Ready to Be an Adult 

Or maybe you don’t want to grow up? And if you dont that is totally fine with us. Because there is no shame in living your life like Michael Scott would live it every damn damn.

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So kudos to you, you big kid. Never grow up, and continue to do whatever the hell you want.

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