The Best Snacks In Your Childhood Lunchbox, Ranked

Photo: FOX

In elementary school, lunch and recess were the only things we’d look forward to until it was home time. So around noon, when you finally got to unzip your lunch bag, it was always an event to see what mom packed.

While I did love the majority of my lunches, my favorite meal always fell on Fridays, when my mom would bring fast food from either Wendy’s or McDonald’s to the classroom. Yes, I was THAT kid. Every damn Friday.

When I’d enter the classroom with my brown, grease-stained bag full of fast food and a topical children’s film-themed toy, kids would line-up offering their snacks to trade in exchange for some crispy, hot french fries.

Since I wasn’t a huge fan of fries, I’d welcome these trades and would amass a pile of snacks that I’d keep in my desk to discretely snack on throughout the afternoon.

As a result of this trading, I’d become something of an expert on school snacks. I’d rank which snacks were best on a hierarchy to ensure I was getting the best deal from my classmates.

Based on the trades I’d make in the glory days of elementary school lunch, this is how I ranked the best school snacks in our lunch boxes.

The Best Snacks In Your Childhood Lunchbox, Ranked

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