The Shrug Emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is Coming to iOS 10.2

The widely used but thus far unrepresented Shrug emoji, which is most commonly typed out as  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, is coming to iOS 10.2.

A new developer preview for the upcoming operating system update has revealed a number of new emoji that will be added to Apple’s keyboards, with the likes of the Shrug, Fingers Crossed, Fox and Avocado being added to the list. A Face Palm emoji has also been added, which given how 2016 has panned out thus far will probably be the emoji we utilize the most in the new batch.

72 brand new emojis have been approved since June 2016, according to Emojipedia, though the next batch arguably includes some of the most important. There’s even a Selfie one. How has there not been a Selfie emoji yet?


Other emojis includes the long-awaited Black Heart, Gorilla for all your tired Harambe memes, and Bacon because bacon is great and we need to tell all of our friends about the joys of bacon on a daily basis.

The new update will also bring with it emojis representing new profession, including Firefighter and Judge. There’s even a David Bowie inspired Rockstar emoji, complete with lightning bolt face paint.


The iOS 10.2 update also includes three new wallpapers, each of which were used in promotional material for iOS 10 but have thus far not made their way to the operating system. Apple has not confirmed when the new iOS update will officially launch.