This Chick Went Around The Street To See How Good Random Dudes Are At Unhooking A Bra

Let me preface see this by saying this was done because October is breast cancer awareness month, so if we can watch a video of a hot chick in a bra all in the name of making sure other women head to the doctor to make sure all is well with their goods, I’m all for it.

So while we’ve seen the Brazilian chick who went around grabbing 100 penises, and we’ve seen the Swedish artist who let people grope her boobs and vagina, this time around it’s something a little more harmless, but still features a hot gal. Hey, so things are alright.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 10.47.19 PM

The good people at the YouTube channel Whatever went ahead and created a little experiment called “The Bra UnHooking Challenge,” which featured a bunch of guys attempting to take a bra off a woman. And as expected, most guys struggled, but some actually did it. Check out the video below:

So hey, it seems like I would have faired pretty well in this challenge if I wasn’t being timed and if I somehow didn’t transport back to my high school days where every bra looked like a Rubik’s Cube to me. In fact, they still do. Also, I’m pretty sure this would have been my face the entire time if I was in this video:


So much confidence.

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