Topless Emily Ratajkowski Covering Her Goods With Her Hands Will Never Get Old

Photo: Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski

Sure, the last time Emily Ratajkowski went the hand bra route people were more interested in the old lady that photobombed her. So what do you do when someone steals your spotlight? Well, you just go ahead and go the hand bra route yet again. Not that we are complaining.

The 25-year-old model took to Instagram again to remind everyone that she’s not a fan of wearing bras, and actually prefers using the hands the good lord gave her. Ratajkowski simply captioned the photo “Cannes!”

Check it out below thanks to her Instagram.

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And there’s no photobomb! Well, unless you count this video Emily posted a little later of her and besties Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin dancing together. Grabbing each other’s boobs counts as photobombing, right? Who are we kidding, it doesn’t matter.

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You know us, we would just feel terrible if we only included one photo of the always eye-catching Em and friends. So enjoy these, too.

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